The Gay Agenda for Maine Schools—They Can’t Deny It.

Gay Agenda. Indoctrination. Are all these words simply scary boogey man rhetoric? No. Words mean things. Here it is, right here. Kids being reprogrammed into thinking that homosexuality is normal, good and right.

This video clearly shows what the intent of what those pushing the gay agenda in Maine are aiming for.

Parents, Please be aware of what is going on in public schools at your expense.
Children from the tenderest age are being indoctrinated with twisted views on relationships and society. At a time when few children can read well, schools should be focusing on teaching academic skills instead of destroying our children’s souls with this garbage. These teachers refuse to teach the Bible in schools saying that they must protect the “religious freedom” of each child. Yet they have no problem with violating the moral freedom of each child and parent in teaching them evil things that they do not wish to be taught.

For these people “freedom” is the power to impose their immoral lifestyle on everyone else.


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